Thursday, October 30, 2008

Geeks just wanna have fun

A computer is truly the greatest geek toy ever invented. It is like an erector set to the googleplex power. Being "forced" to earn a living making virtual toys for others to use rather than spending ones days exploring this toy's possibilities for my own edification can be truly depressing sometimes. Maybe not as depressing as having to sell used cars or life insurance to feed one's family but close. I probably should be grateful I have a job that involves these toys especially in this economy.

I guess I just feel like being a whiner today in lieu of a useful blog post. Go ahead and slam me in the comments.


delvinj said...


I agree.


Kalani said...

I agree, but it's worst when you have to work with people who think that's how it should be.

When you're content to basically do tedious, mechanical work most of your day I think you've become more of a programmee than a programmer.