Friday, August 29, 2008

Tan of the Kitchen Sink

In a post on MathForum I made the mistake of doubting Mathematica could compute the Tan of the Kitchen Sink. It is always a mistake to doubt Mathematica's prowess as Daniel Lichtblau of Wolfram pointed out to me:

In[1]:= Tan[Khinchin//Sinc] // N
Out[1]= 0.165514

I stand corrected!


It sort of spoils the joke/pun to explain but to non-Mathematca users...

Khinchin's constant is aprox. 2.68545
Sinc[x] = Sin[x]/x
N means "give numeric value"
and // means "use postix" so
this computes N[Tan[Sin[Khinchin]/Khinchin]]

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