Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Top 10 Foolish Beliefs

In honor of April 1st, traditionally April Fool's Day in the US and some other countries, here are my thoughts on the top 10 foolish beliefs of all time.

10. Perpetual motion is possible.

9. The Earth is Flat

8. My religion is correct, all others are wrong.

7. Dianetics (Scientology) is not a cult.

6. There is a Devil who lives in hell.

5. Astrology is a valid methodology for understanding your life.

4. Numerology has something relevant to say about our personal destiny.

3. Noah's Ark existed and had two of every animal on board.

2. Intelligent Design is a rational model of the origin of life.

1. God (as in an intelligent animate being) exists.

You may wonder why the Devil is only 6 while God is 1, besides the obvious numerological reason :-) . I justify this ranking based on the observation that there is much more anecdotal evidence for Satan than God!

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Sal Mangano said...

I am kind of upset with my self for wasting #7 on scientology. It is certainly a foolish belief but after posting I thought of a few more important foolish beliefs. You can replace #7 with:

7a) The holocaust never happened. (both a foolish and dangerous belief)

7b) The moon landing was faked.

7c) There is no global warming (although it is not foolish to debate the primary cause).