Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was going to vote for John McCain...

John McCain pretty much had a lock on my vote for the 2008 election. The purpose of this blog is other than politics so I am not going to go into why I thought he was the best candidate. Instead I would like to discuss why I may have to change my vote.

The issue is "Intelligent Design" AKA "Creationism". Apparently McCain's views on the teaching of evolution and the teaching of creationism is that each is a point of view and each point of view should be taught.

Well, Senator, Astrology and Numerology are points of view. Should we teach them beside Astronomy and Mathematics? Phrenology is a point of view. Should we teach it beside neuroscience? I sincerely hope the senator would have the common sense, even though he says he is not a scientist, to see that "points of view" and "science" are not the same thing. Point's of view don't cure disease, solve problems in physics, help design the next generation of computers, launch a spaceship, etc. A point of view is not a scientific criteria. Scientists follow a process and within the boundaries of that process there can be different "points of view". "Intelligent Design" does not follow the process of science. This has been well established, so it would be silly to repeat the points here.

Can McCain be convinced to abandon this position? Well just to get my vote he probably can't but I think its time for a little grass roots action in the states where McCain has to have victory to become president. There must be enough rational folks out there to help convince the senator to abandon his foolhardy stance.


Anonymous said...

I'm an 18 high school senior in Pennsylvania . This is my opinion---The topic of creation and evolution is not the topic of importance to me. We are living in a dangerous world with many people who hate freedom and everything we stand for. We need a leader who will stand strong. No matter what the polls say. John McCain is a born leader and will be able to make good decisions in Iraq and abroad. Whether schools teach evolution or whatever is the last thing on my mind. I don't want another 9/11 to happen to this country i love so much. We need a leader who inst afraid to take the fight to the terrorists. Obama or Clinton i can picture waiting till we get hit again to finally take the war on terrorism seriously.

I believe you need to take a look at your priorities this election. I'm not saying your wrong by looking at other candidates or anything but really weigh your option. i believe McCain is definitely the strongest in national defense. In this day in age... thats important

Sal Mangano said...

Dear Anonymous,

I appreciate your point of view. However, education is the one thing that will keep this country relevant. When our science classes become diseased with religious teaching disguised as science we become no better than the Taliban.

-Sal Mangano

How Insane Is John McCain? said...

I respect your well-thought out position.